APTIS is a platform at ULg (University of Liege) that proposes an expertise and a range of instruments dedicated to the characterization of granular materials, powders and nanopowders. Its mission is to solve powders exploiting problems by developing new methods for flowability and rheological analysis.

APTIS also propose to establish research projects centered on problems that are more specific, addressing applied or fundamental physics of powder.

Born from the collaboration of laboratories of the University of Liege, APTIS aims at a better understanding the complex behaviors of granular and powdery materials. The association of these partners specialized in the physical and chemical studies of divided material gathers now a multi-field group made up of more than 30 scientists.


Scientific Approach

Our main interest lies in a better understanding of flow ability and intergranular cohesion properties of different materials. We carry this out using our instruments which allow quantifying those differences. The collected measurements allow to modify the composition of mixtures by ensuring and guaranteeing an improvement of flow properties.

We address fundamental problems related to powder flow ability and develop new methods for the industry.

For more informations, please review our application notes and reference papers.

The platform APTIS gathers a group of techniques able to measure, by a direct or indirect way, the physicochemical properties of the powders.

Using innovating characterization techniques ;

Solving problems with experts in the field of granular materials ;

Focusing on things that matter for fundamental understanding of applied problems;

Developing synergies and establishing research programs at the European level.

Our approach is fact based, original and relevant. Our measurables are easy to interpret and relies on phyics of powders.

We work on mainly on flowability, cohesion, compaction and electrification of powders.