ANUGA FoodTec 2012, Köln, Germany, 27.03. – 30.03.2012

For the characterization and the analysis of the flow properties of your powders or divided granular materials, APTIS technology is the best answer at your waitings. This technology advises you on the choice of the measurement best adapted to your applications: measurement of the repose angle of a powdered heap (GranuHeaP), measurement of flow angle or avalanche angle of an aired powder (GranuDruM), measurement of a granular cohesive or cohesion index (GranuHeaP and GranuDruM), measurement of a powdery flow index (GranuFall), measurement of the deaeration rate or degassing speed of your powder (GranuPaQ), measurement of the quantity of air trapped in your powder before and after compressing (GranuPaQ)… and this, for all the kind of granular materials: polymer, cement, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic formulation…

To achieve this goal, APTIS thus developed instruments aiming to the quality characterization of the powders flow. The analysis of the flow properties or cohesion of the dry and wet powders is traditionally carried out only by manual handling or using of very simple analysis methods, and this, mainly for powders with free flow.

The fluidity of the powders depends however on many factors (see our application notes) such as the grain size distribution or the particles shape, the moisture of the air or the relative content of moisture, the structure/texture of the particles surface (roughness), the firmness and the density of the bulk powders, frictions with respect to the wall, the interparticle interactions (mechanical, van der Waals…) and appearance of electrostatic charge produced during the mixing processes or during loading or unloading of silos.

The advantageous solution to employ to obtain a reproducible measurement of the powder flow is use GranuFall. It is the only semi-automatic analysis instrument intended for the measurement of the powder flow in laboratory. Its ease of use enables you to save time and money. Contrary to its competitors, you don’t need to dismount the quasi integrality of its assembly to clean it and, in addition, GranuFall give a true and direct measurement of the mass or bulk flow.

Beside GranuFall, you also could see GranuHeaP on the booth of our WINOPAL distributor (Austria – Germany) during the Anuga FoodTec 2012 (the largest food and beverage fair in the world). GranuHeaP allows the automatic measurement of the repose angle of a powder or aggregates heap. During this measurement, an index of cohesion and/or fluidity of the powder/aggregates is simultaneously measured.

The measurement of the angle is done from the projected image 2D of the powder cone. The rotation of the powder heap on a rotation of 360° makes to check the uniformity of the angle and thus the homogeneity, the cohesion and the fluidity of the powdered sample.