• GranuDrum is an instrument able to study the rheology of the powders. It measures the properties of a granular material without disturbance of the flow by an external specific tool (blade, for example).

    AS a traditional liquid rheometer, this instrument studies the behavior of material in move. It gives access to physical data such as flow (viscosity), cohesion, yield point, thixotropy (hysteresis) or ventilation level.

    GranuDrum shows, through the measurement of the avalanche angle, the effect of trapped air (positive or negative) on the behavior of studied granular material. It also allows the comparison of rheological behavior of different materials subjected to a flexible constraint.

  • GranuDrum gives information on the flowability and shearing stress properties of granular materials. It measures the angle of first avalanche; the avalanche or flow angle at various rotating speeds; cohesive index and the rheological hysteresis of a powder (thixotropy).

    The drum, containing nanopowders, powders or granular material, turns at rotational velocity ranging between 0.5 and 30 rpm. Acquisition and image treatment processing give mean physical measurement data about the stress shearing.

    Rheological hysteresis measures the thixotropic or rheofluidifiant behavior of the studied granular material. This data ables to predict the robustness and the cohesion of granular materials.

    An algorithm calculates also a cohesive index able to separate powders from various chemical compositions, grain size distributions, original formulations…

    The software livered with the instrument allow recording sequential routines (Standard Operating Procedure – SOP) which facilitate control and reproducibility of the measurements.

  • Dimensions LxPxH (mm) 560x360x420
    Weight(kg) 15k
    Frame Interval 500ms…2s
    Rotational velocity (rpm) 0.5 à 60
    Camera USB2.0 Monochrome CMOS Camera
    Frame resolution 600×600 .. 1024×1024 pixels
    Light source Display LCD 16X2, 3V, White, NEG, BL
    Computer requirements PC with minimum 2GHz speed, 128 MB RAM, 16 MB RAM on up-to-date
    display card, WindowsTM 2000/XP with up-to-date service packs, and a free USB2.0 port

    We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

    • the recording data of the angle avalanches and cohesive indexes are entirely automated;
    • a special coated surface of the drum cell allows the analysis of nanopowders, powders or granular materials such as ceramics, metals, foods, polymers and pharmaceutical compounds;
    • the 2D projections analysis of the powder avalanches gives a cohesive index informing indirectely about the intergranular cohesion of the powders;
    • the dimensions of the GRANUDRUM allows to easily introduce it into a hood or confined enclosure;
    • the GRANUDRUM is livered with  a convivial and ergonomic software that allows to visualize and treat the whole of the recorded images;
    • the results are easily and quickly transferable in a Windows environment;
    • the software allows the reference of a standard report after each analysis;
    • the recorded data remain accessible constantly;
    • the software ensures a fast visualization of comparative recorded results;
    • the access to the GRANUDRUM is controlled by password;
    • several sessions/operators can be recorded on only one work station;
    • the creation and the recording of routines (SOP) ensure the repeatability of measurements;

  • The GranuDrum cell, light and chemically coated, can contain granular materials with varied dimensions and nature (ceramic, metals, polymers, powders pharmaceutical or food).

    The filling, the draining and the cleaning are simple and fast. The test is nondestructive and the powder is easily recoverable.

    The cell capacity is 75 or 110cm3 and can receive 35 or 55cm3 of granular materials volumes, respectively. The number of rotational velocity goes from 2 to 30 rpm. For more information, please contact us.

    Instruments can be rented and purchased at

    The instrument is produced by Granutools