• Granuflow is a semi-automated instrument which measures quickly and precisely the powder flow of a granular material through holes of various diameters. This instrument is able to provide relevant information on the flowability of your granular material in a few seconds, and this, independently of its nature.

    Granuflow is equipped with a rotating plate containing 10 different holes. You are then able, to find easily the minimum hole size to reach the flow of your powder. This instrument gives you also the flowability of all your batches to control and to optimize your process or to compare your products during an innovation phase. With Granuflow , fast and large quantities of analyses can be done. Its simplicity to use allows us controlling your products at every time: during and after manufacturing/production, during the storage or before the delivery to guarantee high quality products to your customers.

    The standard version of Granuflow  is equipped with an inox cell, in agreement with the European pharmacopeia, easy to fill and to clean. This cell guarantees the robustness of the Granuflow  and the elimination of electrostatic charges brought by the powder flow. Depending on the material requirements to analyse, the different parts the Granuflow  instrument can be modulated. So, the cell volume or the diameters of the hole’s plateau can be adapted on ask.

  • Granuflow  is the only one semi-automated instrument on the market able to measure precisely the flowability of powders or granular materials through a lot of diameter holes. Granuflow  is equipped with a sensor following the upper interface of your granular material in real time during its flow. Considering only the flowability in steady-state regime, the precision of the measurement, warranty of the reproducibility of the results, is still better improved

    Thanks Granuflow , you are now able to estimate, without major difficulties, the minium drain diameter, and this, in a simple way by filling the stainless cell ony once.

    By considering the results obtained using the different drain holes, more rigorous users are able to extract some important physic parameters from the built flow curve such as those of the Beverloo law.

  • Dimensions LxPxH (mm) 400x400x600
    Weight(kg) 6.3
    Screen Display LCD 16X2, 3V, White, NEG, BL
    Connexion USB 2.0
    Computer requirements PC with minimum 2GHz speed, 128 MB RAM, 16 MB RAM on up-to-date
    display card, WindowsTM 2000/XP with up-to-date service packs, and a free USB2.0 port

    We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

    • automatic flow measurement for powders and granular materials;
    • fast measurement of a powder flow;
    • fast estimation of minimum drain diameter for the tested material;
    • high measurement reproducibility;
    • chemical compatibility with a very large range of materials (ceramics, drugs, food, polymer, cement…);
    • rotating plate with special design to make easier the change of the drain hole;
    • possibility to connect the instrument to a pc;
    • easy to use;
    • no need special knowledge’s in granular material for analysing the results;
    • robust instrument able to be put in production area;
    • stainless cell easy to fill and to clean;
    • compact instrument which can be placed into a hood or confined enclosure;
    • flexible device for modifying the dimensions of the stainless cell, hole’s diameters…

  • Standard Granuflow  model is equipped with a stainless cell, easy to clean, where the capacity is 250 ml. The rotating plate contains 10 different holes where diameters vary from 2 to 32 mm. This plate allows measuring the flow of a lot of powders or granular materials such as : minerals, polymer pellets, cereals, flour, drugs, solid excipients, balls…

    The configuration of Granuflow instrument can be adapted to reach higher and lower cell capacities (ml to litres). Rotating plate with customized diameter holes (millimetres to centimetres) can be also envisaged on ask. For more information, please contact us.

    Instruments can be rented and purchased at

    The instrument is produced by Granutools