• Granupack is a new industrial instrument version of Granupack, which allows performing the tap density measurement using high volume of granular materials (from 0.2 to 25litres), powders or nanopowders. Equipped with high volume cells (diameter ranges from 10cm to 25cm), this new instrument is able to study big grains from µm to several centimeters such as: minerals, beads, polymer pellets, stones, cereals…

    Granupack is a robust instrument testing and simulating the strain occurred by your granular materials, powders or nanopowders during their transport, storage or batches filling. With this instrument, you will be henceforth able to know at every time the real volume of your granular material during or at the end of the tap test measurement. You can so easy optimize your packaging (box, bag…).

    Granupack is an automatized instrument able to obtain relevant information on the behaviour of granular materials, powders or nanopowders under vibrations. The GranuPaq+ software allows the observation of the compaction curves in live time. Their analyses give quickly main parameters linked to the powder flowability such as Carr index, Hausner ratio or flowability index. Granupack software gives you also the initial and final densities and the needed duration for the compaction of your granular material.

  • The measurements made by GranuPaQ+ consist to record the density of a nanopowders, powders or granular materials after each individual tap. By this way, the tapped density curves gives many physical data such as:

    –    packing fraction values everywhere on the tapped density curve;
    –    Hausner ratio;
    –    Carr index;
    –    the initial density;
    –    a flow index;
    –    a kinetic parameter of compressing.

    The data analysis of the density curves gives multiple information about the studied granular material properties such as packing fraction, compaction, compressibility ability and release of the air trapped between the grains, granules or particles.

  • Dimensions LxPxH (mm) 640x590x610
    Weight(kg) 16
    Computer requirements PC with minimum 2GHz speed, 128 MB RAM, 16 MB RAM on up-to-date
    display card, WindowsTM 2000/XP with up-to-date service packs,
    and a free USB2.0 port

    We reserve the right to make technical changes without any prior notice.

    • GRANUPACK is a tap density instrument of granular materials and powders entierely adapted for industries;
    • the data recording of the tap density measurement is entirely automated;
    • an algorithm analyzes the curves and returns physical data such as the Haussner ratio, the Carr  index, kinetic parameters, additional porosity, granular relaxation index…;
    • it allows the analyses of big and large particles powders and granular materials higher than centimeter (granules, ceramic, metal, food, cereals, polymeric pellets…);
    • the system is simple and automatic;
    • the GRANUPACK® is livered with a convivial and ergonomic software that allows to visualize and treat the whole recorded data;
    • the results are easily and quickly transferable in a Windows environment;
    • the software can produce a standard report after each analysis;
    • the recorded data remain accessible constantly;
    • the software ensures a fast visualization of comparative recorded results;
    • the access to the GRANUPACK® is controlled by password;
    • several sessions/operators can be recorded on only one work station;

  • GranuPack cell is a cylindrical tank made in stainless or aluminium (or any other shape or material on ask) entirely flexible. All fractions are dismountable and interchangeable. They can be replaced by equivalent parts with different dimensions or materials. This flexibility, one of the forces of our instrumental system, enables him to analyse granular materials with very diverse size or dimensionality and very varied nature (minerals, pellets, polymer, pressed parts, rice…).
    By this flexibility, a package, a bag… with powders, nanopowders or others materials granular can be immediately inserted in the middle of the measuring cell and carried out the tap test experiment in situ. This opportunity of analysis and control, only one on the market, guarantees to you to approach more still of the real conditions in use and handling of your products.

    The replacement of the various parts of the cell and the cleaning are easy and simple to do. Analysed volumes are between 0.2 and 25litre. The software allows the freedom to fix easily the number of constraints applied to the granular material, powder or nanopowders during the tap test measurement, reducing by this way the measurement time. For more information, please contact us.

    Instruments can be rented and purchased at

    The instrument is produced by Granutools