Laborama 2012, Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium 22.03. – 23.03.2012

APTIS, developer in new instruments for characterization of the static and dynamic powder properties (nanopowders, powders and granular materials), is in the listening of your waiting to advise you and help you to make the choice of the best measurement adapted to your applications (polymer, cement, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic formulations) in the field of the powders and granular material.

For several years, our work, in technological survey, has enabled us to develop the best measuring instruments in the field of the flow powder characterization and cohesion (dynamic properties) and adherence (static properties) powder properties measurements.

Our instruments, on the cutting edge of technology, are single products which propose undoubtedly the best performances in all the sectors of the divided, powdery and granular materials. We are able to offer products to you answering your costs and specifications requirements. Our selling prices are well calculated for measuring instruments whose we guarantee quality to you. So, you saw GranuFall and GranuDruM instruments on the booth of our Belgian and Luxembourg distributor ANALIS at the Laborama expo 2012.

GranuFall is the only laboratory mass and bulk flowmeter available on the market. It is simultaneously “the advantageous solution” for the flexible use and the measurement of the powder flow. Versatile, it gives you the possibility to carry out flow powder measurements through one or various openings. The analysis of a powder sample is done without disassembling or new calibration of the instrument. Useful for control – quality, it can also be used in R&D (Research and development) where GranuFall informs you about the true powder flow properties of your granular materials.

Concurrently to this instrument, you saw GranuDruM. This instrument enables you to consider simultaneously the dynamic and cohesive properties of your powders materials. Not only, able to give you an indication on the robustness of your granular materials, GranuDruM is the only instrument on the market able to give you information about the aeration influence on the rheological properties of the powders (shear thickening or thinning).