POWTECH 2010, Nuremberg, Germany 27.04.- 29.04.2010

POWTECH is the international forum for the latest developments in the chemical industry and Europe’s top get-together for process technicians, process engineers, production managers and scientists.

All the relevant manufacturers of mechanical processing present during this exposition the last technologies in use for powders, granules, nanomaterials, bulk solids or granular materials.

The event focuses on processes for size reduction, milling, screening, mixing or for granulating powders or bulk solids, which are required for the production of pharmaceuticals, detergents, body care articles, cosmetics, plant protection agents, fertilizers or pesticides. POWTECH also shows technologies for the ceramic, building material and plastic industries.

The almost 1,000 exhibitors at the exhibition duo of POWTECH and TechnoPharm presented their products and innovations to about 16,490 (Checked by FKM) visitors in 2010.

There, the visitors could appreciate our booth highly APTIS coloured, discover our new range of instruments intented for flowability and shearing stress mresurements  and benefit from our local delicacies such as beer and typically Belgian chocolate.

Our visitors also could benefit from practical discussions about the rheological and packing powders relations properties or related to the use, the principle and the operation of our instruments.

IFPRI 2010, Spa, Belgium

The International Fine Particles Research Institute, IFPRI, is a unique global network of companies and academics with active research programmes in particle science and technology. It is a non-profit organization.

Its membership represents some of the world’s largest manufacturing industries: bulk and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, construction, coatings, detergents and foods. The industry members work alongside some of the finest academic researchers in the world in particle science and technology, and other allied areas.

In addition to an oral presentation done by Prof. N. Vandewalle, APTIS showed in posters form these last results obtained in the field of the powder flowability and rheology.