POWTECH 2011, Nuremberg, Germany 11.10. –  13.10.2011

For the second presence of APTIS at the international fair of dividedmaterial POWTECH held in Nuremberg, we profited from the partnership with our German distributor WINOPAL . During this event, APTIS

exposed its product:  GranuDruM, GranuPaQ and GranuHeaP ; benefited from the occasion to introduce, in exclusivity, its two new instruments: GranuFall and GranuPaQ+.

Therefore, during your visit on stand APTISWINOPAL, you discovered GranuFall , instrument able to measure in real-time the flow and the mass flow of divided solids (granular materials and powders) through variable holes with different diameters.

It was also introduced to you GranuPaQ+, instrument dedicated to the study of the tap density of large-sized granular materials (ceramic, polymeric aggregates, pellets, pharmaceutical tablets, food, cereals…). Thanks to its GranuPaq+ Tap test density for industrial batchrobustness, GranuPaQ+ is ideally conceived for the study, in situ, of processes related on compressing and compaction of granular materials held in their final conditioning (flour package, corn bag, small cask of detergent, stone bag, gravels, sands, cement…). You saw also, on the stand APTIS – WINOPAL, GranuPaQ+ in demonstration to pack 3kg of peanuts coated with chocolate.

Another point of interest, this fair enabled us to expose several measuring cells of GranuDruM (instrument able to measure the powder rheology) and show to you the significant differences in dynamic behavior of cohesive and non cohesive powder during flow.

You also discovered again the measuring cells of GranuPaQ. This instrument measures in an entirely automated way the tap density of granular materials, powders and nanopoudres (graphene, sand, lactose, excipient, nanotubes, active ingredients, abrasive, ceramic, food…).

It records the totality of the evolution of the compressing curve reducing GranuPaq instrument automated tap test density notably the experimental errors and increasing the accuracy of the measurements.

Finally, you concluded your visit by GranuHeaP. This instrument carries out an

entirely automated simple test which consists in measuring the cohesion and repose angle of a powder heap. Its rotary plateau offers many advantages. It makes it possible, moreover, to improve the statistics of the measurements, to facilitate cleaning or to increase the speed of analyses.