In addition to our original instruments, platform APTIS has access to equipments for the preparation or the mixture of powders:

  • planetary crusher (Retsch PM 400/2) and Fritsch mortar;
  • V shaped mixer (Socachim) and universal Rotator – Mixer ROX100;
  • spray-drier (Buchi);
  • desiccators with dry or wet atmosphere (Star and AutoStar);
  • homogenizer with controlled moisture developed by our care…

and also others instruments which allow the characterization of the static or the dynamic properties of divided materials:

  • X-rays diffraction (SIEMENS D5000);
  • laser diffusion granulometry in dry and wet media (Malvern2000);
  • DLS Viscotek;
  • stratification by sifter;
  • morphology characterisation by Scan Electron Microscopy (FEG-ESEM XL30 from Philips) or Transmission (FEI Tecnai G2 Twin);
  • measure of the true density by helium pycnometry (Ultrapycnometer de Quantachrome);
  • measure of surface potential by zetameter or with Electrostatic Force Microscopy (Multimode microscope AFM – Veeco);
  • estimatation of flow index (Flowratex);
  • TGA/DSC-microcalorimetry


Original Equipements


The original equipments commercialized by Granutools are