Workshop ANALIS 2012, Gent and Namur, Belgium 26.06. – 28.06.2012

For the people using powders and granular materials, the day not to be missed was on 26 and 28 June 2012. Our team combined with our Belgian distributor ANALIS  presented to you a full day devoted to the understanding of the physical behaviors of the granular materials.

As one of the clearest powder events of the year in Belgium the Analis Workshops provided a scientific platform to showcase our APTIS instruments to a captive audience composed on industrial and academic peoples. Interested in the flow powder characterization or the dynamic powder properties, you could see our various instruments at the core of our Belgian distributor facilities in Gent and Namur. We hope that this first workshop helped to answer your questions.

With our first events we had attracted a combined audience of more than 40 visitors. That was the better time to take advantages about the understanding of the powder flow behaviors. That was the first event organised as a powder flow seminar for the industrial and business nationwide.

The visitors could see in live the analyses of the dynamic (flow, rheology, packing) and static (measurement of the angle of repose) properties measurements done on their powders or granular materials.

You could see the compressibility measurements performed on different powders such as alumina, protein, plaster, lactose, polymers… These properties are measured using the GranuPaQ. This instrument allows to correlate the packing properties to the flow or cohesive properties of powders or granular materials.

Some of these powders (alumina, protein, plaster, lactose, polymers …) were analyzed using GranuHeaP. This instrument is the only instrument capable of measuring in a simple way an effective and reproducible angle of repose. Accompanied by an cohesive index, the angle of repose provides information on the frictional and cohesive components of powders and granular materials. Its measurement can predict the flow ability and cohesion properties of powders or granular materials.

The dynamic properties of granular materials or powders have been analyzed using GranuDruM or GranuFall. GranuDruM is an instrument capable of measuring the dynamical flow angle of powders and granular materials. It provides information on the robustness of a powder and on its rheological properties. It predicts the conditions of use and / or storage of a powder. GranuFall is the only semi-automated instrument available on the market able to be use at the laboratory for academics or industrials. It allows you to characterize the true flow properties of granular materials by the bulk flow (or mass flow) measurement. The measurements are done by measuring the bulk flow through holes with various diameter.

All these instruments that you could see show the different properties of granular materials as they are in motion (dynamic properties) or as they are in a static state.